Welcome to ‘Zang Tuum Tumb and all that’, a fan site dedicated to the record label founded in 1983 and dreamt up by Trevor Horn, Paul Morley and Jill Sinclair.

Inside ‘…all that’ you’ll find articles, discographies, photos and other info covering artists who’ve appeared on the label over the past 26+ years.

From the ‘heys’ of Art of Noise to the heyday of Frankie Goes To Hollywood… journeying from Propaganda to Act… from minimal Andrew Poppy to get up and go-go Grace Jones… and so on and on and on…

But be sure to remember… “Zang Tumb Tuuuuumn is the question, not the answer.”

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Because of the nature and subject matter, this site is mainly composed of copyrighted material. If the respective copyright owners have any problem with it being used here, get in contact and it’ll be removed if necessary.

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