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Title: Frankie – split now, reform in ‘88!
Source: NME
Publish date: 21st March, 1987

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD have split — but they are planning a reunion for early next year. After months of speculation Zang Tuum Tumb have laid all rumours to rest by issuing this official statement:

“Frankie Goes To Hollywood have had enough of each other, at least for now. They can’t stand the sight of each other, but can’t stand to be apart. Members of the group will each spend nine months preparing individual projects, from drummer Ped Gill’s duet with Frank Bruno through to Paul Rutherford’s ‘Love Affair With A Camera’ single.”

According to ZTT, 1988 will herald the rebirth of Frankie for the recording of their third album, ‘Family Tension’. Frankie have been at the centre of various whispers in recent months. Holly Johnson’s contribution to the Anti-Heroin Campaign fuelled reports that he was off to start a solo career — and he will be making his first live appearance without the group at the International Aids Day concert at Wembley Arena on April 1. He is also reported to have said he was sick of the Bash Street Kids antics of Mark, Nash and Ped (known collectively as “The Lads”) and whether he will actually go back into the playground with them next year is still a matter of debate.