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Title: Mutterings
Source: Smash Hits
Publish date: July 19 1984

Frankie mutter: one. ‘Tis muttered that Frankie have secretly re-recorded “Relax”, changing the naughty bit to “if you wanna have fun” and thus making it acceptable to the BBC in case it got back to number one… Frankie mutter: two “Relax” now the eighth best selling British single ever… Frankie mutter: three. Seems the chaps play very little of the music on either of their records. Trevor Horn and several session musicians (all those hippies with keyboards who were with them on Midsummer Night’s Tube) do most of it. “People seem to have an outdated notion of the function of a group nowadays,” muttered ZTT main mouthpiece Paul Morley when asked about this on Ear Say… Frankie mutter: four. At the Thompson Twins’ party there was nearly a fight between Gary Kemp and Paul Rutherford over the ad which said Frankie “make Spandau Ballet look soft”. The enraged Kemp’s plans to prove otherwise were only thwarted by a peace-making John Taylor. “It’ll be Frankie Goes to Hospital if they don’t watch out,” muttered Gary, who then flew off to Japan…