Title: Brighton Festival 2007 - Anne Pigalle
Author: Michaela Kesenheimer
Source: BBC Southern Counties
Publish date: 22/05/07

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Anne Pigalle

By Michaela Kesenheimer

Anne Pigalle, poet, writer, singer and artist, best known as an inimitable and compelling performer, performing live in Brighton, what a treat!

Raised in Paris, Anne moved to London during the 80s and collaborated with Michael Nyman and Trevor Horn. In the 1990s she moved to Los Angeles, working as a photographer, actor and performing for the homeless in downtown L.A.

She has since returned to London to work on her autobiography, her photography and paintings as well as recording and performing new songs. Add to this her erotic salon and erotic poetry and it’s no surprise why people refer to Anne Pigalle as ‘the real deal.’ She has been compared to Edit Piaf, Marlene Dietrich and Mae West.

With this in mind, I watched as she took to the stage in the downstairs bar at the Komedia. Wearing a black dress, a black flower pinned to her headdress, a glass of red wine in hand.

The curtains were closed, early summer evening light still trying to break the mood of Paris after midnight, but as soon as the accordion started to play, time and place was forgotten as Anne Pigalle’s voice transported us to a musical world of sex and intrigue.

Her rich French vocal style is reminiscent of Edith Piaf or Jeanne Moreau, and she performed without a hint of nerves, wilfully defiant when singing about a ‘Black Dahlia’, charmingly humorous, recanting erotic poetry in between songs.

Gazing out of the window Anne spotted passers by, peering in through the curtains, referring to them as ‘lost souls’.

This is one of those rare moments the Fringe is increasingly capable of delivering, a class act in an intimate setting.

Anne Pigalle will be performing at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London on Friday 25th May. If you live in London, go and see her perform live, you won’t regret it!