What’s included?

The aim is to include all releases from the ZTT label including non official, promo and withdrawn items.

If an artist has moved from ZTT to another label, these recordings may be included for completeness sake. For example Seal’s releases on Warner Bros. and Art of Noise’s China releases. If a ZTT act has split into solo/other acts on other labels these may also be included.

If an artist moves to ZTT for a short period then generally only these items are included. For example Kirsty MacColl’s album and its related singles.

Other related items may be included that have a strong ZTT link. This covers recordings made by significant members of the ZTT team. For example Malcolm McLaren’s ‘Duck Rock’ album, and prominent Trevor Horn productions.

Release dates are entered to the nearest known date.

If you have information on correct release dates then feel free to get in contact.

Title Artist Released
The beating of wings Andrew Poppy Oct 85
32 frames Andrew Poppy 22 Sep 86
The amusement Andrew Poppy 02 Mar 87
Alphabed (A mystery dance) Andrew Poppy 13 Apr 87
Recordings Andrew Poppy 92
Rude bloom Andrew Poppy 95
Ophelia / Ophelia Andrew Poppy 06 Jan 96
Blood sugar Andrew Poppy Feb 00
Time at rest devouring its secret Andrew Poppy 30 Oct 00
Andrew Poppy on Zang Tuum Tumb Andrew Poppy 18 Jul 05
…and the shuffle of things Andrew Poppy 27 Oct 08
If I could copy you Andrew Poppy 17 Sep 12
Shiny floor shiny ceiling Andrew Poppy 07 Nov 12
Infernal furniture Andrew Poppy Dec 12