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Title: Pink Industry: Forty-Five 12” EP
Source: Lost Music Network Hollywood
Publish date: May 82

Pink Industry: Forty-Five 12” EP (Zulu Records, 61a Bold St., Liverpool, England) If you looked at the world through the bottom of an empty wine bottle, you might get the feeling of listening to this EP. Pink Industry are descended from the group Pink Military, who had a critical1y acclaimed album (Do Animals Believe In God?) back in 1980. The new EP is cleaner and smoother sounding, the format of this 12” 4 track 45 allowing them crisp and sparkling recording quality. Central to the sound of Industry and Military is the pink one herself. Jayne is no one’s girl. She’s a real woman - harmonic, feminine and strong. Also integral to the sound is the creative use of percussion. None of the tracks have a standard drum beat. “Don’t Let Go” uses a guitar for its rhythm track. “Final Cry” has something synthesized and metal-tinged along with its drum beat. There’s an electronic heartbeat coupled with a sound like glasses clinking or a high note on a child’s toy piano in the weepy, off-kilter ballad “Is This the End,” and “47” uses a snapping, snarlish rhythm box. Listening to Forty-Five is like softly setting your third eye on the turntable and watching its tears well up and drip over the edge. I don’t know what that last line means either, but you can bet this is one strange and beautiful record.