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Title: Intimate details: Paul Rutherford
Author: Andy Hughes
Source: No. 1
Publish date: 12 Jan 1985


Real name: Paul Rutherford

Nickname: Mark calls me Pab, short for Pablo.

School report: My early reports said I was an erratic child, and I think I was. I haven’t changed much.

Childhood ambition: I think I’m doing it. I’ve always been in love with dressing up.

First musical experience: I was really into Motown, but the first thing that really knocked me out was going to see David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust in 1973.


Lives: Fulham at the moment, because I’m in London all the time.

Eats: Italian. I love pasta!

TV: Any TV. I’m mad about it, and I watch it all the time.

Records: I’ve got a huge collection of records. I like soul mainly. It sounds very hip to say that because soul is so trendy at the moment, but I’ve always liked it.

Reads: I don’t actually read that much, I never really got into it. I’d rather go to see a film.

Fave music videos: Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’.


Favourite film: Blade Runner, not so much the story, but the way it was done. Ridley Scott is such a stylish director.

Best live gig: Chic at the Liverpool Empire.

Nights out/clubs: I like The Lift in London. It plays really heavy funk, and they move the club around.

Do you use public transport? All the time. You call always find me in Earls Court tube station!

Worst thing about being famous? There’s nothing really. Because you ask for it all, you can’t complain about it. Obviously you do, when you get tired and so on, but honestly, it’s all wonderful.


Lusts: I lust for life. I live it to the full.

Fears: Flying, although I’m learning to cope with it now.

Worst habit: I drink too much and I bite my nails.

Worst part of your body: My teeth.

I wish: I couldn’t wish for any more than I’ve got.