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Title: Brush with Ken
Source: Mojo
Publish date: October 2005

I have re-acquired The Art Of Noise’s pleasingly nonsensical l985 album Who’s Afraid Of The Art Of Noise. It reminded me of a remix of the Close (To The Edit) single that featured the voice of Kenneth Williams reciting poetry over the top — is it available?

Andy Harker, via e-mail

Fred says: You could never tell with a group for whom remixes were a way of life, but we believe you’re referring to a series of adverts voiced by the beloved Carry On mainstay not long before he died in 1985. MOJO thinks they were screened in the ad breaks of The Tube and featured Williams saying. “The Art Of Noise are daft as a brush.” Kenneth Williams did make records, of course, his 1967 Decca album On Pleasure Bent being one of the best!