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Title: Anne Pigalle
Source: i-D
Publish date: October 1984


Photo of Anne Pigalle. French singer on ZTT label by Nick Knight.

ďI initially came to London 3 years ago to look for a deal (things werenít too hot in Paris). People were a bit suspicious of a foreigner at first, but Iíve been in the studio for a month, the record will be out later this year, and Iíll also be gigging. Sometimes I wonder why I love London ó you can take your time and experiment here, in France itís very difficult to do that. But Paris is still my favourite place, itís my home. I still feel a foreigner here ó I donít even have a flat here these days, Iím staying with friends. Iím going to have to get organisedÖĒ

Anne is wearing a Kangol cap and the jacket is part of a second-hand suit, £5 from a junk shop.