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Title: Grace Jones: Slave to the rhythm
Author: Jim Read
Source: Record Mirror
Publish date: Nov 2, 1985

GRACE JONES: Slave to the rhythm (ZTT/Island Grace 1)

For a piece of sculpture, Grace Jones comes pretty expensive. No pile of London Brick Company’s finest gets to make an album with Trevor Horn.

On ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ Grace Jones and studio cut the rhythm into tiny bits of slave: bustling, deep, dark, languid, lush, wandering, fishy and a few bits that could have been on Bowie’s ‘Lodger’ LP.

Who dresses Grace Jones? Jean Paul Goude, Trevor Horn, Paul Morley? Or can she dress herself now?

It is reported 5000 bricks were used in the Tottenham riots. Not so many worked on this LP. * to ***** and back again.