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Title: He’s back! Back! Etc.
Source: Smash Hits


Yes! And he’s got a new single, “Crazy”, to prove it. So Bitz decided to get him on the Bitz blower and delve deep into his “psyche”…

What have you been up to?

“Recording my album, going abroad — I did some work in LA. I’m making a video. It’s like a scratch video — it includes lots of dream sequences and I’ve been writing soundtrack music to that as well.”

Do you ever see Adamski these days?

“Yeah I do. But I don’t hang about with him. I mean, you do realise that I don’t talk about Adam anymore. (Oh dear he’s upset.) People just ask me the same things about Adam all the time, it’s irrelevant… and Adam is my friend and I don’t really want to say anything…”

What would you be doing if you weren’t a pop star?

“A merchant banker. Why? Because I like suits, honestly that’s the reason. I’m serious, that’s what I would be.”

What do you do to relax?

“I just try to go to sleep and dream. I do a bit of yoga before I go to bed, I eat lots of cheese and I just dream. They’re pretty vivid. I’m not sure if I’ve dreamt anything that’s come true, I find it really difficult to distinguish between dreams and reality.”

Tell us a secret.

“I used to put stickers up in telephone boxes. No, not those kind of stickers, I was just a sticker boy in the City.”