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Title: Anne Pigalle
Author: Jim Reid
Source: Record Mirror
Publish date: July 6, 1985

Anne Pigalle

HÉ STRANGER, have you got a story? Outside bet says Anne Pigalle comes from Birmingham. I’m not a betting man (leastways on rainy work days) and she ain’t too free with her past. And why should she be? So, let’s invent her future.

‘Hé Stranger’ becomes a massive international hit, Americans choke on ‘An American In Paris’, drink too much Pernod. Anne stays inside her large white mac and says: “Pop music and rock’n’ roll has lost its edge. Classical music and jazz is clearer, it has more purity… mentally.”

Anne takes a holiday, refutes suggestions that her mac, her accent, her Jacques-Brel-shakes-hands-with-Edith-Piaf represent a Francophile wet dream and says: “I like to play with images, I like to look good in pictures… that’s what French people wear, it’s quite tongue in cheek…” Is it? I don’t know… it is a good record though.