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Title: Frankie goes to Coventry…
Author: Hacker T Hack
Source: NME


AFTER SEVERAL weeks on release, numerous radio plays, an appearance on Top Of The Pops. Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s debut single ‘Relax’ has been banned by BBC Radio 1.

The songs removal from the station’s play list was precipitated by Mike Read who refused to play it during the chart rundown a week last Tuesday despite a massive leap from 22 to number 6. Read pompously declared on air that the song was “obscene” and, over the next few days, persuaded the powers that Beeb that “it was open to interpretations that Radio 1 didn’t want to be associated with”.

Radio 1 press officer Nick Underwood admitted that had a DJ of lesser standing objected to the single it probably wouldn’t have been banned. For his part Read — reportedly fully aware of the publicity his action would bring — has issued a statement saying “They are an exciting new band and the single is well produced, but I feel the lyrics are overtly obscene. After I took it out of my programme many people came up to me and said they were really pleased I had done so.”

According to the Beeb one such person was Billy Bragg, “I only said that so I could get on Saturday Superstore,” quipped Bragg to NME. But if they’re removing it from the playlist altogether it does make them look pretty foolish.”

Well, they have and it does, especially when local radio and chain shops such as W. H. Smiths have not taken any action against ‘Relax’. For their part the folks at ZTT and the band are quite nonplussed by the news. Label boss Paul Morley said he was surprised they hadn’t banned the single earlier. While group singer Holly cryptically announced. “I didn’t know what came over me”.