Title: Holly Johnson - Soulstream
Author: Caroline Sullivan
Source: The Guardian
Publish date: Friday October 8, 1999

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Having spent most of this decade waging his own war against Aids, itís not surprising that Holly Johnsonís first album in years has a decidedly spiritual bent. The hedonism of the Frankie years now just a glitzy memory, his new philosophy runs something like: "Radiate light, love power, set free your soul." Thatís from Hallelujah!, whose rather pat optimism resurfaces on The Best Invention (the best invention being love, of course) and All U Need Is Love. The message would resound more profoundly if it were accompanied by some decent tunes, rather than colourless beats-by-the-yard that do nothing for Johnsonís reedy voice. By default, the best tracks are the campest: the nostalgic Disco Heaven and Legendary Children, which lists gay historical figures (is he quite sure about Shakespeare?).