Title: OneTwo re-release Depeche Mode co-penned song
Source: www.side-line.com
Publish date: 23 Jan, 2007

Original publication

OneTwo OMD Propaganda Depeche ModeOut on February 19th will be the OneTwo single "Cloud Nine". The title track "Cloud Nine" was co-written by Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore and also features his guitarwork. For OneTwo, a collaboration between OMD's Paul Humphreys and Claudia Brücken from the German cultact Propaganda, it is the second time the track is being released. Originally recorded for a Propaganda album it found its way onto OneTwo's self released "Item" debut EP (June 2004) when Propaganda split up. The "Cloud Nine" single will also feature an exclusive remix by Blank & Jones of the track, another exclusive remix of the album track "Home" by Manhattan Clique (known from their work with Erasure's Andy Bell) plus a [S.I.T.D.] remix of the only German sung track on OneTwo’s debut: "Kein Anschluss". The single preceeds the "Instead" album out on February 26th on There, the band's own label.