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Title: In his Personal File, Holly…
Source: Smash Hits
Publish date: 1 March 1984

In his Personal File, Holly, (of Frankie Goes To Hollywood) claims that he used to be called Joyful Johnson. Could this be the same Joyful who went to Liverpool Collegiate school and used to wear make-up, dye his hair weird colours and have a mate called Gay May? I’d also like to know what his favourite drink is and what other groups he likes.

Dave Edwards, Northwich and Lynne Booth, Leeds.

Weellll! The Joyful Johnson you describe is indeed the same one, but unfortunately your own name (Dave Edwards, as you know!) didn’t ring a bell for him. Pity! He did tell us, though, that of late he’s tended to drink more champagne and orange juice than anything else, due to the fact that he’s had rather a lot to celebrate. Quite. Finally, among his favourite groups he lists Grace Jones, The B-52’s and The Peech Boys – all Island recording artistes and fellow label-mates, I note!