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Title: The Art Of Noise Drum And Bass Collection
Author: Andrew Harrison
Source: Select
Publish date: January 97

The Art Of Noise Drum And Bass Collection

When The Art Of Noise were invented in 1983, their sampladelic crunchbeat was so, like, out there that America thought they must have been a bunch of black teenagers instead of some middle-aged honky studio hermits, as was the case.

Thirteen years on, AON’s contribution to hip hop, ambient and techno - both as inspiration and as ready-to-go sample library - is so fundamental that it’s hard to begrudge them a slice of the drum ‘n’ bass pie.

After an Orb-administered ambient remix album and a techno makeover from the likes of Graham Massey and the Prodge, this third mixathon leaves little remaining of the original tracks. But then it’s no bad thing when ‘Kiss’ and ‘Peter Gunn’ are unrecognisable. Doc Scott gives ‘Something Always Happens’ a tekstep sheen, Lemon D menaces ‘Eye Of The Needle’ effectively and PFM’s ‘Opus For 4’ is just lovely. The drawback is that only the post-ZTT Art Of Noise tracks are available, so there’s no Photek take on ‘Moments In Love’, or T-Power doing ‘Beatbox.’ Pity.


Sound bite: “Who’s afraid of the drum and bass?” ANDREW HARRISON