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Title: Claudia Brücken: Propaganda
Publish date: December 1998

Claudia Brücken


Why have you re-formed?

I always felt we had something special, there’s a musicality within us. We thought it would be great to do it again with a bit more knowledge, unlike in the hysterical ‘80s when it was all so explosive. We were very young and acted impulsively, whereas now we feel we can bring more to it.

Why did you break up?

The band split because of a bad deal with ZTT, bad management and bad communication between the band. A classic story, but you never think it’s going to happen to you; it was awful and we were very green. We never realised our potential.

Are you still relevant?

We’ve all grown older and I think people of my generation still want to hear music which has its roots in the ‘80s. I’m not desperately trying to appeal to 14-year-olds but I’d like to think we could cross over. Our songs are very relevant to us, so they might strike a chord.

Been signing on then?

I’ve been living off past royalties and releasing various records, one with an artist called The Brain. Since my last record, I’ve had a child which takes up your time. My life has changed in every respect.

Why bother?

There is a sound I love about Propaganda which Trevor [Horn] never identified and the group didn’t know they had. Now we’re more experienced I think we’ll find it. Everybody has been pushing us to re-form and once we started writing again it seemed very natural. This time round, if we’re mature about it, we can have a really good time and make it work for ourselves, rather than for other people.