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Title: Duck for the oyster


Duck for the Oyster (Charisma)

Oyster main-sail, it’s that old pirate again! Actually he’s back at the clam-bake for a country hoe-down on this the fourth track to be lifted from the superb ‘Duck Rock’.

Very traditional in feel the ‘duck for the oyster – duck, duck, duck’ catch-line should spawn some crazy Christmas dancing. I can’t wait. A huge hit.



Up in the mountains in East Tennessee, there still exists an old pagan love ritual known as the square dance… A way of finding your partner - this dance was banned by the church 150 years ago in the United States. They considered the fiddle the instrument of Satan… Nevertheless, innuendos in lyrics prevailed.


1. All join hands and circle south, a little bit of moonshine in your mouth, hold your hoe and resashay, come on back the other way.


2. First couple out to the couple on the right (Circle up two and buckle up four)

3. Circle up four for half the night (Away you go round the floor)

4. Knock a hole in the old tin can

5. Dig for the clam, dig, dig, dig

6. Duck for the oyster, duck, duck, duck

7. Everybody swing, swing her high, swing her low, swing the gal in calico.

8. Promenade around you go.

(Each couple dances Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 three times. Nos. 7 and 8 are danced after each couple finishes)

9. Allemande left as you go around with a big foot up and a little foot down like an Indian walkin’ on the frozen ground. Hey! sift your meal and mix your dough, save your heel, tap your toe, take your honey and walk her slow.

10. Promenade, you know where and I don’t care, take your honey to a nice, soft chair.