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Title: Zang Tuum Tumb, the company which gave you Frankie Goes To Hollywood...
Source: NME
Publish date: 30 March 1985

ZANG TUUM TUMB, the company which gave you Frankie Goes To Hollywood, broadens its horizons and enters the frenetic world of printing with the publication this week of its first booklet And Suddenly There Came A Bang. It should have been available a little earlier, but apparently there have been problems with censors, leading to certain “cosmetic adjustments”.

Basically, it’s the story of one year in the life of FGTH, and features interviews with the group by Paul Morley and David Frost - plus many brand new pictures “which none of the parasitic bootleggers could get hold of”. It’s all condensed into 32 pages which, say ZTT, is a direct criticism of the pop biographies that drag over tens of pages.

The price is £1.95, and it’s on sale at leading bookshops - but if you can’t obtain a copy, it’s also available by post. Make cheques and POs for £2.50 payable to ZTTetc, and send them to 8/10 Basing Street, London W11 - by the way, this higher mail-order price includes an uncensored bonus!

The booklet’s official catalogue number is Zanglett Number One, and the second in the series follows later in the year. This will be Daft As A…, telling the story of The Art Of Noise.

For details of ZTT’s latest single releases, see Record News (page 30/31).