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Title: Rage hard
Source: No. 1
Publish date: 30 August 1986

Rage Hard (ZTT)

The best things in life are threes. So after Whambley and Prince, here come the boys who’ll come all over you… Frankie, welcome back.

So what’s new? Well, there’s more of those awfully nice guitar noises, less of the ‘frisco disco and some jolly good burps on the B-side. ‘Rage Hard’ may not at first catch the ear in the same way as ‘Relax’ or ‘Two Tribes’ but crank it up for a couple of hours and even Snabber Towers will shake to the chandeliers. Beefy!

Only weak link is a less than brutal version of Bowie’s ‘Sufragette City’ on the 12-inch but whom careth? The Hit Parade is for Frankie. And Frankie only.