Compact disc x2

Catalogue ref.:

Universal Records

 United Kingdom

Release date:
2nd November 2009


Printed tracklisting
Relax (Original 7 inch)
Two tribes
Welcome to the pleasuredome (Escape act video mix)
The power of love
Ferry cross the Mersey
Is there anybody out there? (Movement 2)
Born to run
Warriors of the wasteland
Rage hard
Watching the wildlife
Happy hi!
The waves
Relax (Chicane radio edit)
Two tribes (Hibakusha)
Relax (Lockout’s radio edit)
Relax (Sex Mix)
Two tribes (Annihalation)
War (Hidden)
Welcome to the pleasuredome (Fruitiness mix)
Rage hard (Freddie Bastone remix)
Watching the wildlife (Hotter)
Relax (Scott Storch mix)
Suffragette city
Our silver turns to gold
Get it on

Actual tracklisting  
Relax (Original 7 inch) 03:54
Two tribes 03:23
Welcome to the pleasure dome (Escape act video mix) 05:11
War 04:14
The power of love 05:30
Ferry cross the Mersey 04:03
Is anybody out there? (Movement 2) 07:33
“Orgasms become the most mystified state of feeling…” 00:34
Born to run 03:56
Warriors 04:53
Rage hard 05:09
Watching the wildlife 04:19
Happy hi! 04:04
The waves 02:44
Relax (Chicane radio edit) 03:12
Two tribes (Hibakusha) 06:36
Relax (Lockout’s radio edit) 03:30
Relax (16 minute sex mix)
aka: Sex mix
Two tribes (Annihalation) 09:09
War (Hidden)
aka: 12inch mix
Welcome to the pleasure dome 12:12
Rage hard (Freddie Bastone mix) 06:59
Watching the wildlife (Hotter)
aka: Hotter wildlife
Relax (Scott Storch mix) 03:40
Suffragette city 03:34
Our silver turns to gold 03:39
Get it on (Short version) 02:33
Total time: 02:28:33
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