Compact disc x2

Catalogue ref.:

Zang Tuum Tumb

 United Kingdom

Release date:
5th April 2005

Sleeve design:
Vaughan Oliver/v23; Gibson

Kevin Westerberg; Charles Dickens;

Item notes:
This release is part 3 in ZTT’s artefact series

Cover art images:
Compact disc: FrontCompact disc: Back

Printed tracklisting
You know it’s you
Soho square
Last day of Summer
Can’t stop killing you
Titanic days
Don’t go home
Big boy on a Saturday night
Just woke up
Tomorrow never comes
Angel (Piano mix)
Fabulous garden
King Kong
Dear John
Miss Otis regrets (Live)
Free world (Live)
Touch me
Irish cousin
Angel (Single mix)
Angel (Stuart Crichton remix)
Angel (Into the light mix)
Angel (Apollo Four Forty remix)

Actual tracklisting  
You know it’s you 04:01
Soho square 04:25
Angel 05:07
Last day of Summer 04:22
Bad 02:47
Can’t stop killing you 04:12
Titanic days 05:43
Don’t go home 04:11
Big boy on a Saturday night 03:58
Just woke up 04:02
Tomorrow never comes 04:47
Angel (Piano mix) 03:18
Fabulous garden 03:15
King Kong 03:57
Dear John 02:43
Miss Otis regrets (Live) 03:03
Free world (Live) 02:45
Touch me 03:35
Irish cousin 04:48
Angel (Single mix) 03:42
Angel (Stuart Crichton remix) 06:24
Angel (Into the light mix) 05:36
Angel (Apollo Four Forty remix) 08:08
Total time: 01:38:49
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