Compact disc single

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Release date:
20th May 2005

Sleeve design:
Simon Goggin

Item notes:
This issue limited to 2000 copies

Cover art images:
Compact disc sleeve: OutsideCompact disc: Label

Printed tracklisting
Eyemotion (Full length original)
Eyemotion (Lost in space (JB remix))
Eyemotion (Lovel & Jones)
Eyemotion (DJ Stix)
Eyemotion (Nathan E’s deeper than deep)
Eyemotion (Blakkat.(Mark Bell))
Eyemotion (Medic.(Mark Bell))

Actual tracklisting  
Eyemotion (Full length original) 08:18
Eyemotion (Lost in space (JB remix)) 08:32
Eyemotion (Lovel & Jones) 06:04
Eyemotion (DJ Stix) 04:54
Eyemotion (Nathan E’s deeper than deep) 06:15
Eyemotion (Blakkat.(Mark Bell)) 07:22
Eyemotion (Medic.(Mark Bell)) 06:36
Total time: 00:48:01
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