Compact disc x2

Catalogue ref.:

Zang Tuum Tumb

 United Kingdom

Release date:
December 2005

Item notes:
This release is part 5 in ZTT’s artefact series

Printed tracklisting
Who am I
Love thy neighbour
Hold it (1)
The whistler
Supatight love
Honky doodle day
Stormy weather
Ezee street
Hold it (2)
Karaoke joke
11 brides of Frankenkye
Wha’ ga’ do
Oranges and lemons
…and it’s goodnight from him
Love thy neighbour (Funky junkie mix)
Private Idaho
Sinister sister (Dub)
The whistler (7inch edit)
K.K.K. (Boom boom tra la la la)
Honky doodle dub
K.K.K. (Alpha mix)
The whistler (Old fat....!)
Love thy neighbour (Extended mix)

Actual tracklisting  
Who am I 04:39
Love thy neighbour 03:30
Hold it (1) 00:26
Chains 03:47
The whistler 04:24
Supatight love 04:18
Honky doodle day 03:06
Stormy weather 01:14
Ezee street 03:50
K.K.K. 03:20
Hold it (2) 00:18
Karaoke joke 04:28
11 brides of Frankenkye 03:44
Wha’ ga’ do 03:41
Oranges and lemons 04:11
…and it’s goodnight from him 00:57
Love thy neighbour (Funky junkie mix) 04:58
Private Idaho 03:31
Sinister sister (Dub) 03:51
The whistler (7inch edit) 03:58
Chains 03:48
K.K.K. (Boom boom tra la la la) 03:23
Honky doodle dub 05:01
K.K.K. (Alpha mix) 06:38
The whistler (Old fat....!) 04:35
Love thy neighbour (Extended mix) 04:30
Total time: 01:34:06
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