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Art of Noise

Anne Dudley
JJ Jeczalik
Gary Langan

Transcription notes

If official printed lyrics have not been sourced for a track then a best guess has been transcribed.

The lyrics are transcribed as heard in the most common version of each track, unless otherwise noted.

Ooohs, aaahs, etc are not included.

Lyrics enclosed in round brackets are generally lines sung as backing vocals, or lines sung over other lines.

Square brackets enclose translations of non english language lyrics. These are generally best guesses unless official lyrics have been sourced.

If you have comments or more accurate lyrics, feel free to get in contact.


Relax you’re quite safe here

Am I dreaming

Where am I
In bed
Well what am I doing
Talking to myself
Look I must have a star on my door
Or better still a door
Swing door huh
Okay doors swing


Now I know I’m dreaming
How do I get to sleep
I’ll count those bars on the window
One, two, three, sleep

How do I get to sleep
Please let me sleep
Poetry, that’ll work
Come sweet slumber enshroud me in thy purple cloak
Doesn’t even rhyme
Is that my Teasmaid
I can’t stand tea

Happy Harry’s high club
How do I get to sleep

Trust me
Trust me
Trust me
Trust me
Trust me

Many thanks to Sebastian for the transcription


Is it me or is the I’m getting bigger
On trumpet
Peter O’Toole
Just having a rest between bars
On drums
The Pope
On bassline
Martina Na…
Is she getting married
And on mic
The lovely Cher

Thank you
I take over now
Let’s have a little taste of that old computer generated swagger

One, two, three

Trust me

Will I still be perfect tomorrow

- 06:42
- 03:18
- 03:12
- 04:46
7inch mix 03:20
Extended version 06:40
Extended version 06:41
Live 04:55
Single version 03:18
The paranoid mix 06:31
The paranoid mix 06:33
‘89 7inch edit 03:34
‘89 7inch edit 03:40
‘89 dance mix 07:12
‘89 dance mix 07:15
‘89 dance mix 07:16
‘89 dub mix 07:02
Total time: 01:31:55