Malcolm McLaren

Transcription notes

If official printed lyrics have not been sourced for a track then a best guess has been transcribed.

The lyrics are transcribed as heard in the most common version of each track, unless otherwise noted.

Ooohs, aaahs, etc are not included.

Lyrics enclosed in round brackets are generally lines sung as backing vocals, or lines sung over other lines.

Square brackets enclose translations of non english language lyrics. These are generally best guesses unless official lyrics have been sourced.

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Some people
Some people listen for history
Some people listen ‘cos they want a mystery
Some people listen then say we’re wack
But if they miss the show
They get a heart attack

Now look at you sitting there
Biting your lip
The whole world sees you as a hypocrite
Live out the first law of nature
Self preservation
If the show don’t help you
Change the station

If you don’t want peace in the world
Peace and happiness in an endless twirl
And all you want to do
Is keep the whole world back
You’re the one who’s wack
And we’re Worlds Worlds Worlds Famous

I’d like to thank everybody
I’d like to thank the engineers for making this record
I’d like to thank you for buying this record
But finally I’d like to thank all the Buffalo Girls out there
So until the next time
I say peace to you and everybody out there
Coming from the Worlds Famous Supreme Team Show with Mr Malcolm McLaren

- 01:41
Total time: 00:01:41