Malcolm McLaren

Transcription notes

If official printed lyrics have not been sourced for a track then a best guess has been transcribed.

The lyrics are transcribed as heard in the most common version of each track, unless otherwise noted.

Ooohs, aaahs, etc are not included.

Lyrics enclosed in round brackets are generally lines sung as backing vocals, or lines sung over other lines.

Square brackets enclose translations of non english language lyrics. These are generally best guesses unless official lyrics have been sourced.

If you have comments or more accurate lyrics, feel free to get in contact.



Sleevenotes: This traditional tune, “El San Juanera” comes from Columbia. And being that it is a national dance, many variations of the way it is danced exist. Below are described a collection of the typical steps, and a suggested sequence of performing them.

Basic Step:
A waltz step performed with a short, lively bouncy effect. Joropo music is played in 3/4 time, but with a 6/8th accompaniment.

- 01:56
Total time: 00:01:56