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‘Who Told You, You Were Naked?
(Zulu Records ZULU 4) ☆☆☆¾

AFTER A rave rant from John Oppo for their debut LP, Pink Industry have developed their primeval electronic sound into a healthy and energetic brand of noiseplay meets melody. Avoiding, admirably, the trappings of minimal, tape-driven electronics, this Liverpool trio have crafted two extremes with the maximum of effect.

The sound is basically harsh with unexpected segments of sound slipping in here and there, but with the help of more orthodox instruments, the whole thing is set off against the soulful warbling of Jayne Casey.

Jayne has been around for a while — remember Pink Military Stand Alone? — but she never seemed to get it quite right and she never escaped the ‘pool like her manly contemporaries. Shes not going to make it big with this either but, more than ever before, she deserves to.

As the atmosphere is built up, with each track running into the next, the moods fly by like tickertape and that voice keeps the concentration honed to the power of the performance. Pink Industry are going to develop into something really great. Itll take time, but if they can keep releasing LPs like this along the way, itll be well worth the wait.