ZTTAAT.COM CREDITS “grazie mille”

Credit where credit is due

Many thanks to…

(alphabetically) alfonso, the alternate ztt, the alternate ztt (a temporary alternative), anfunny, theartofnoiseonline.com, artofztt.com, catwoman, frankie888, frankie-say.co.uk, HA!, ian peel, scrapbook jackie, jd, strictly kev, lazlo nibble, newmusicmark, nick ryder, nigel’s instinct, obo frank, om’s treasure trove, paul adams, p‑fan.de, planetfrankiehd, prodyparrot, ralf, sebastian, sendalittlesign, spencer’s wallpapering, steve horn, tw, ztas1, and, last but not least, ztt.com.

Thanks for all the advice, donations, scans, artwork, knowledge and information, language skills, feedback and support.

And of course without whom…

Trevor, Paul, Jill, Anne, JJ, Gary, Holly, Paul, Mark, Nasher, Ped, Claudia, Susanne, Michael, Ralf, Andreas, Anne, Glenn, Grace, Andrew, Angela, James, Simon, Troy, Thomas, Stephen, Bob, Stuart, Andrew, Louis, Anton, Peter, Lawrence, A.J., David, and all those uncredited and overlooked. “You know who you are.”

Thank you all for the music, the inspiration, and the memories.

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