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British Record Industry Awards

Best British producer

TREVOR HORN (bottom right) is the only producer to have been nominated last year and this — in fact hes defending the title as he was voted BEST BRITISH PRODUCER in 1983 for his work with ABC, Dollar, Spandau Ballet and Malcolm McLarens World Famous Supreme Team.

Previously one half of Buggles — remember Video Killed The Radio Star? — Horn was virtually unknown as a producer of other peoples hits two years ago. 1982 changed all that, of course. His production achievements during that year included ABCs Lexicon Of Love LP, which went straight into the chart at number one, and many music industry observers must have wondered if he could maintain the impetus.

The answer seems to have been “yes”. Horn has continued his hit associations with Malcolm McLaren via two singles, Soweto and Double Dutch (both on Charisma) and the Duck Rock album. His greatest achievement came quite recently, however, when he was responsible for producing concurrent number one hit singles both sides of the Atlantic.

Horn produced Yes number one American single, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, taken from their 90125 album which he also produced. At the same time he was responsible for Frankie Goes To Hollywoods now-notorious Relax single, which has topped the charts in the UK.