ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


ART OF NOISE: ‘Beatbox

As a journalist Paul Morley could never pull his trousers up. He had an ear for the unique but his prose was embarassing. His intellectual penis hung limply from every sentence, it made people wish for sharp knives to cut off the useless object.

Now Morley has found his Horn (Trevor) in the camp of ZTT there is an organ(isation) gorged with blood at work, throbbing and vital. It shot all over the moralists, smeared their ears in it, as Bankie Went To Barclays with pockets of money.

What that proved is a gimmick tends to succeed where radical music too often fails. But not this time. When ‘Into Battle was released last year Dave Henderson commanded you to take a taste, most didnt bother, so heres a second coming (sic). Noise is rhythm and melody after all.

Beatbox has been drastically overhauled from its position in the front line of ‘Into Battles cycle on a chord. Its the biggest idea in this pile and as danceable as Bibi Dens (see below) which is saying more than you bargained for.