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(Songwriter, Buggle and producer of Dollar, ABC, and Spandau Ballet).

This I not my All-Time Top Ten, but these are the records I like to listen to at the moment. They might change from week to week.

  1. KATE BUSH: Sat In Your Lap (EMI). The first time Kate Bush produced herself. Maybe shell get the drum sound better next time but I still like the track.
  2. KATE BUSH: Breathing (EMI). Live the line “chips of plutonium twinkling in every lung.”.
  3. TOM DOLBY: Airwaves (Venice In Peril). Beautiful song but surly vocals on the first verse blew away any chance it may have had as a hit single.
  4. ABC: The Look Of Love (Neutron). My favourite ABC song so far.
  5. DOLL BY DOLL: Stripshow (Magnet). Sadly ignored. From the brilliant album “Gipsy Blood”.
  6. YES: Heart Of The Sunrise (Atlantic). Id like to try and programme this into a rhythm box.
  7. CHRIS REA: Tennis (Magnet). His best song.
  8. YES: Turn Of The Century (Atlantic). A nice piece of escapism.
  9. KATE BUSH: Army Dreamers (EMI). I know exactly what she means.
  10. LED ZEPPELIN: DYer Maker (Swan Song). Greatest drum sound ever.