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Please could you give me any information you can about a group called The Buggles. They had a No.1 hit in 1979 with ‘Video Killed The Radio Star and I loved every bit of it. Could you tell me if they have split up and if so, what are they doing now?

Brian Almazan. St. Albans.

Buggles were Trevor Horne and Geoff Downes. Their hits were ‘Video Killed The Radio Star, (No.1, Sept. ‘79), ‘The Plastic Age (No.16, Jan. 1980), ‘Clean Clean (No.38, April 1980) and ‘Elstree (No.55, November 1980): plus the LP, ‘The Age of Plastic (No.27, Feb. 1980).

The group no longer exists. Trevor Horne now works almost exclusively as a producer and is, indeed, one of the most sought-after in the business.

He has recently formed his own record label, ‘Zang Tumb Tuum which has released songs by new discoveries such as The Art Of Noise and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Geoff Downes is now the keyboard player with Asia.