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ZBIG TIME — Your favorite director (and of course mine) Zbigniew Rybczynski has gone legit on us, having recently formed his own Manhattan-based production company, Zbig Vision. The Polish filmmaker turned video magician names Kris P., formerly national director of video promotion for Island Records, as representative and executive producer for the new company. Kris was the one responsible for collaring Rybczynski to direct the much-acclaimed Close To The Edit clip for Islands Art Of Noise (the one which established him as a music video director). Rybczynskis subsequent projects have included Chuck Manglones Diana “D,” (CBS), Belfegores All That I Wanted (Elektra), Rickie Lee Jones The Real End (Warner Bros.), Grandmaster Flashs Sign Of The Times (Elektra), I Am Siams She Went Pop (CBS), Lady Panks Minus Zero (MCA), and Midnight Mover for Accept (Epic), all of which are exceptional, with the exception of Diana “D,” which is more than exceptional — it is masterful! Zbig Vision has recently completed a project for Island Records U.K. entitled Ultimo Ballo, by the French duo, Angel Maimone. It is the fledgling companys very first project, shot in London and Venice. Best of luck to Kris and “Zbig,” but with his talent and her sense of the biz, they probably wont need it.