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Few would have wagered that the first artist to land two top five singles in 1989 would be Holly Johnson, but thats just what the erstwhile Frankie Goes To Hollywood vocalist has done.

Hollys latest, ‘Americanos, holds at number four this week — the very same position at which his debut solo single, ‘Love Train, peaked just 11 weeks ago.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood were frequently dismissed as talentless puppets of producer Trevor Horn, so Hollys success — with self-penned songs — is something of an eye-opener.

Look for a high new entry on next weeks chart for Hollys first solo album ‘Blast, which features both hits and an impressive collection of other songs — all written by Holly alone, with the exception of ‘Atomic City, which he wrote with Dan ‘Instant Replay Hartman.

Sadly, Hollys former FGTH partner Paul Rutherford has been less successful with his first two solo efforts: his first single, ‘Get Real, peaked at number 47, and his remake of Chics ‘I Want Your Love reached only number 84.