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The Lyceum

THERE must be someone who finds it intensely amusing (and profitable) to pack as many people as is physically possible into the Lyceum. Unlimited ticket sales.

Consequently Sunday night was like being cremated alive — but with less novelty.

Impossible to move. The usual triangular hair cut crew was there, also a lot of retarded Crass fans, and the inevitable tribe of mohicans.

So, having suffocated through Wah! Heat and been bored to tears by Killing Joke, Pink Military arrived like a gasp of fresh air.

Jayne Casey has (regrettably) discarded her lampshade hat for a more civilised number. Though not a particularly good mover on stage, she performed the set with energy and hectic charm; working through tracks from ‘Do Animals Believe In God? and adding some new ones.

After Hiroshima and ‘Did You See Her? were brilliant; Cry tamed the audience well but was sometimes a bit depressingly reminiscent of Patti Smith. (And lines such as “All you faceless people”, pointing at the audience are a bit of a no-no these days).

A rather obnoxious DJ introduced them as “one of the tightest bands around”. There wasnt much evidence of this, but the keyboards were excellent and the backing vocals effective.

Pink Military were good; and compared to the other bands they were inspired; but to have to pay £3 to see them under those kind of circumstances is nauseating.