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THE ART OF NOISE ‘In No Sense? Nonsense! (China Records WOL4)

Since Trevor Horn (wisely) turned his back on them after their first album, the Art Of Noise stuck ridigly to making New Age music for the Filofax brigade. Any progression since then has been minimal. The once clever production ideas which made ‘Whos Afraid Of… a minor recording landmark have now become time trodden, and hearing the same sequenced engine noises after three years is simply boring.

Snatches of ‘live orchestral and choral music (courtesy of the Ely Cathedral Choir) add class to what is otherwise a muddle of style and form. But then ‘In No Sense… is cluttered with passé ideas that come tantalisingly close to taking off, only to do prematurely.

Madonna and Sean Penn allegedly glided down the aisle to ‘Moments In Love. If this had been their backdrop, theyd never have made it to the altar. ☆☆