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The buck stops here

DOLLAR ‘The Dollar Album (WEA DTV1)

SOME KINDA magic… well, maybe. Its more to do with a shrewd business head behind a pretty face.

Thereze the china doll, apotheosis of Miss Selfridge girl/womanhood? Dont make me laugh. Iron lady would be nearer the mark; less cuddly, but more admirable.

Having steered a faultless career course so far, however, the belle Bazar would appear to be up a bit of a creek at the moment. Its no use looking to dinky David to bail her out; he does his best with the competent pop blandery of their self-penned confections, but none of them can hold a candle to the albums Trevor Horn-produced pieces.

They make the LP a good buy, supported by the acceptable if anonymous filler and the current (post-Horn, less successful) single. If the formidable Thereze wants to hang on to her cred and score some more hits, however, shed best find herself a new magician.

Or is the lady not for turning? ☆☆☆☆