ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Sampled (ZTT)

A little bit of everything that ZTT have been up to, although the majority of songs are either unreleased or new versions. Most people will probably buy this for the Frankie tracks: “Disneyland”, a rather disappointing fast funk “groove” without a tune, or the live version of “Born To Run”, but there are better things here. The highlights are Propagandas two songs (“P-Machinery” and “Femme Fatale”) and the usual Art Of Noise daftness, but theres also a couple of Anne Pigalle songs, a rather tame synth-funk piece to introduce Instinct and two hypnotic instrumentals from Andrew Poppy — all of which are joined together by predictably silly noises and phrases. (8½ out of 10)

Chris Heath