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Raging Speedhorn: We Will Be Dead Tomorrow


Raging Speedhorn are the type who would take “infantile yobs” as the supreme compliment, provided they could hear you over the two chords that comprise their average song. They attempt to justify their inarticulate brutality as the effect of growing up in “soulless” Corby, to which the track Welcome to Shitsville is dedicated, but it wont wash. Scratch the nihilistic surface of opening track The Hate Song (“We hate you all! Bleurgggh!”) and you find workaday beer boys on a 120-decibel bender. This second album seeks to position them as six men avenging the underclass, but they have yet to construct an intelligible platform. Their forte is soundbites (“We are the chronic youth”, “Fuck the evil inside”), and while that might be all that is needed to complement their wannabe-Zeppelin heaviness, real class warriors wouldnt waste an opportunity to rant, which the Speedhorns never get around to. The barbiturate sluggishness of Heartbreaker is pretty good; shame about the rest, because Raging Speedhorn is the best name of the millennium.