ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

SUBJECT: TREVOR HORN (record producer)

“SHES THE thing I like the most,” and he blushes. Jill cuts in quickly: “Everyone said I should be insulted, but Im so flattered!” What the blushes, insults and flattery mean is that Trevor Horn dared to choose a living, breathing person as his favourite object. In fact his wife Jill.

The couple are a rare force in the music business — they work together yet complement each other in different aspects of their work. Trevor is the creative part of ZTT Records with Paul Morley, and Jill takes care of the administration and any ‘nasty bits.

Trevor met the object of his affections at her parents music studio where he was playing session bass, and after that they kept bumping into each other. “You were wearing red,” said Trevor. “No,” replied Jill, “I was wearing black”. “Oh, of course,” said Trevor blushing once more. Who ever heard of an object answering back?

First coming to the public eye as Buggles, Trevor now has an impressive track record as a producer, being responsible for ABCs Lexicon of Love, McLarens Duck Rock, Spandau Ballets Instinction, and of course the Art of Noises debut release.

One unusual attribute of the object is that it has an amazing capacity to reproduce, and a Hornette can be expected soon. The thing is also very bossy, and a natural PR officer.

“Trevor is really very, very talented,” said the thing.

“Ooooh”, said Trevor, and yet again his face turns crimson…