ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”




Well, here we are at last, back from the tour to end all tours! Despite all the comments appearing in the popular press before hand, the lads were absolutely STUNNING on stage! Even that wonderful woman from Smash Hits had to admit that she was impressed! Inside this issue we have got the lowdown on THE trip to Paris, with the two lucky prizewinners from last issues competition — and yours truly (well someone had to carry the bags).

The lads are now back home and at the time of writing this article the press is alive with rumours of the bands early demise. The truth is, to quote Tony Pope, the lads manager, “After the tour, the plan always was that everybody would have a good rest, and then spend the summer on their own solo projects. We are still committed to another Frankie album in the autumn, and theres no question of splitting up permanently.”

Plans for Hollys solo album are well advanced, and with the Aids benefit work hes doing, its a busy time for him and Wolfgang at the moment. The lads are all taking a bit of a break, with plans for Paul, Mark and Ped to work together after that.

In the office were all plugging a way for the single, and tidying up after the tour, doing all the mundane jobs like writing newsletters and answering your letters!


Jenny writes “It all began back on January 2nd with production rehearsals, the final week of rehearsals before the tour begins. The whole show is rehearsed as you actually see it. The stage is set up for the first time, all the lighting in place — everything as it should be. For a whole week at the Brixton Academy, the band went through the show to get it just right.

Here in the office things were getting fairly hectic as well. I was getting together the bands stage outfits, making travel arangements for the weekend, organising tickets and guest lists for the shows. Because all the bands families and friends were going to Manchester, that guest list was quite a job in itself!

Rehearsals at Brixton went well throughout the week, and Thursday is the last day. We finished about 4pm and the crew began loading the gear onto the trucks ready to leave for Manchester that evening. Friday was the bands day off, although by then evryone just wanted to get started.

On Saturday, Tony and I flew up to Manchester with Holly and Paul. The lads had got the early morning flight up there. After checking into the Hotel, we went straight to the GMEX centre for the sound check. Everything was ready for the off.

By the time the boys arrived back at the gig in the evening at about 8.30 the place was packed.

Berlin had almost finished their set. Everyone was nervous although we were all trying not to show it. I went out and stood on the lighting desk for a good view. The lights went down. The show had begun…


True to our word, several weeks ago, we found ourselves ringing the two lucky prizewinners from last issues mega-competition to meet the lads in Paris.

The questions were answered correctly by nearly fifty applicants, so it was all down to the slogans, to be judged by the great Tony the Pope himself. We had put in a couple of questions that we thought would stump most of you, specifically ‘who directed the Rage Hard Video?, but a list of credits after the video on the Tube over Christmas meant that that was the easiest question of them all! Lucky winners turned out to be Katie Farnell from Liverpool, and Nigel Hunt from Barnsley.

But, I hear you cry, why are there two girls in the photo? Well, dear readers, we have a story to touch your very hearts, because Nigel, that man amongst men, gave in to the unbearable pressure of one Ju1ie Barr, his dearly beloved, and gave her the ticket! Incidentally, I hear that Hes nearly recovered from the gentle persuasion she exerted over him, hope the bruises heal soon!

In case youre interested, the answers were: 1. They are cousins, 2. Do they know its Christmas (Feed the world), 3. David Bailey, 4. 44 minutes 29 seconds, 5. 99 Red Baloons by Nena (Easy, eh!)

Anyway, back to the story. All arrangements were made to meet up at Manchester Airport bright and early Monday morning, and as Katie tells it: “Got up at 5.30 a.m. It was like Christmas day all over again. We arrived at Manchester about 7.30 and met up with Dave G about 8, but couldnt find Joo1s (as she likes to be known) anywhere. We wernt too worried because the flight wasnt until 9 oclock, but at five to, still no Jools Dave was getting distinctly worried! He left her boarding pass at the desk and we ran to catch our flight.

It was like Magnum doing a mad dash through the airport, only to get put on a coach all the way back to Liverpool. We arrived at Liverpool Airport and decided to have some breakfast — just as we sat down they called our flight. Dave said “Oh dont worry, plenty of time” so we ate our breakfast before walking to the gate. Not a minute too soon either — we nearly missed it! We boarded the plane and who should be there but Joo1s the Woolyback (scouse for anyone with a funny accent like on Emmerdale Farm), she had got to Manchester five minutes after we left and driven (Good Old Nigel) all the way to Liverpool looking in each coach on the way!

Me and Jools had never flown before so it was pretty exciting stuff, Dave of course was dead laid back about it all, I was just scared. Jools now likes flying, I myself do not! We landed in Gatwick and had a quick drink, and Dave took some photos of us for the mag before we caught our connection to Paris, its terrible being a Jet-setter. We arrived at about 2.30, and after Dave and Jools trying to use the phones and me doing my best to look french, we caught a cab to the Hotel. Jools and I were so unbelievably nervous.

The hotel was brill, just like La Mirage on Dynasty, it was called the Warwick, just off the Champs Elysee. I was in room 322 and Jools was in 325. The Frankies were under the assumed name of the Bollox Brothers and by the end of the trip we had worked out who was who: Mr Rowdy Bollox — Holly Mr Chad Bollox — Paul Mr Archibald Bollox — Ped Mr Chris P. Bollox — Peter Oxendale (Keyboards) Mr Brad Bollox — Ged OToole (Guitars) Mr Airey Bollox — Nash Mr Chuck Bollox — Mark.

The rooms were dead posh, champagne in the fridge, remote control telly, the lot.

At about 3.30 we went down to the foyer and met Mark, Ped, Ged and Peter Oxendale, and when Nash turned up with Dave the Tour manager we got on a big posh coach avec the lads and drove to the soundcheck. Something I must warn you about if you ever go to Paris the Parisians are mental drivers. They totally ignore signs, lights and police. It took about 30 minutes to get to the Palais Omnisports de Paris, which was tres grand — the biggest indoor concert venue in Europe!

We watched the lads play, then they asked us onto the stage, I had a go on Nashs guitar and Jools tried out the drums brilliant! We drove back to the hotel, had a quick meal and met up again with the band (they dont eat until after the show). Paul arrived carrying a gorgeous leather jacket with

We got back to the stadium to hear Berlin booming out “Take my breath away”. Dave gave us Backstage passes so that we could go anywhere in the hall, and we met Holly and Wolfgang in the Bands Suite, they were playing on the Arcade machines. Holly posed for photos and made us both a drink, Wolfgang asked if we had enjoyed flying and I told him exactly what I thought of it! Everyone went out to the wardrobe room and changed into their costumes, same ones as they wore for Lunar Bay and Rage Hard on the Tube, and we had some more photos with Holly in his Blue suit.

Paul brought Jools a Frankie says Wear Condoms T-Shirt, LOVE and HATE on the collars, tassels along the arms and big Silver shoulder pieces — dead sound. In the coach Paris by night is beautiful, all the lights along the Seine very poetic!

and then we went out onto the sound desk to watch the show. It was incredible to see the change in the lads when they went on stage, they were so strong that the crowd were with them from the first song. As the lights went down for The Power of Love, the crowd lit matches and sparklers, it was an incredible sight, and when Holly said “Look at all those stars, isnt Paris beautiful, Vous etes magnifique”, they all went mad.

After the show we had to fight our way out of the hall, and I did my regal wave to all the french fans outside from the coach. Mark laughed at me waving and joined in. We all went out for a meal to the City Rock Cafe, which has a real 1960s Cadillac in the lobby, and then back to the Hotel bar for a drink. Paul had met up with some of his friends who live in Paris, and Peter played the piano in the bar, making up songs about the rest of the band as he went along.

Eventually after loads of photos and autographs and souvenirs we went to bed for a few hours sleep. Next morning we went down the Champs Elysee where I bought some brilliant sunglasses. I was dreading the flight back but I was so tired I just fell asleep. I was sad to leave the lads in Paris and wished we could have gone with them to Rotterdam, ah well maybe next time! It was a really great trip, everybody was so nice to us and we had a sound time.

I never used to believe that people won these competitions, but I do now! Thanks to the lads, Tony, Jenny, Dave G and Dave M, Ta very much lads, we had a great time.