ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

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Load Frankie into your micro and prepare to voyage into adventures of self discovery and fulfilment. Shape your personality through the four ‘Frankie factors — War, Religion, Politics and Sex! Well, its not quite that good but it is an excellently implemented computer game.

The games scenario is written around the ‘Frankie philosophy of The Pleasuredome. To gain entrance, you must grow from a shadowy figure into a complete 100 per cent person by earning pleasure points. These are obtained by completing a number of mini-games brimming with Frankie imagery.

One screen allows you to ride the clouds to earn halos from angelic cherubs, another sees Reagan and Gorbachev battling it out while in yet another you have to rearrange the ZTT logo…

The game is very varied with equal amounts of quick-reaction and strategy elements. Meticulous attention to detail and varied Frankie type tunes ensure long hours of joystick waggling.

The game comes complete with a live version of your old favourite ‘Relax and sells in a big box for a reasonable £9.95.