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Ian Peel

The unknown Paul McCartney

McCartney and the avant-garde

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Format: Softcover book

Publisher: Reynolds & Hearn Ltd

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Publish date: 1 November 2002

Pages: 192

Product dimensions: 150.4 × 239.3 × 19.3 mm

ISBN-10: 1903111366

ISBN-13: 978-1903111369

Language: English


For over three decades, Paul McCartney has initiated and participated in projects that have taken him far from the kind of music associated with the Beatles, Wings, and his career as a solo artist. From as far back as the mid-sixties, there have been experimental solo projects, both under his own name and incognito. Among these are the Beatles’ legendary “Carnival of Light,” the Percy Thrillington diversion in the 70s, and the recent Fireman dance CDs—as well as less-publicized activities, all of which Ian Peel fully details here for the first time. In writing this book, Peel interviewed many of the musicians who have worked closely with McCartney, including Thrillington mainspring Richard Hewson, bassist Herbie Flowers, psychedelic artist David Vaughan, Gong’s David Allen, and Frank Zappa collaborator Mike Keneally. What emerges is a unique insight into Paul McCartney’s little-known contribution to avant-garde music.

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