Z. TUUM TUMB BIBLIOGRAPHY “read before you think”

Jean Paul Goude/Harold Hayes

Jungle fever

Format: Hardcover book

Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux

Country: United States of America

Publish date: 1 September 1982

Pages: 144

Product dimensions: 29.7 × 25.1 × 2.5 cm

ISBN-10: 0937950017

ISBN-13: 978-0937950012

Language: English


Jungle Fever is a dazzling excursion through the international underworld of beauty, humour and eroticism conducted by the uninhibited graphic genius, Jean-Paul Goude. Once described most aptly by Esquire as ‘“The French Correction”, Goude performs his art to bring nature in closer conformity to his fantasies.’ (from the blurb). This book illustrates the slightly naughty, slightly crazy work of Goude, featuring Kellie the Evangelist Stripper, Sabu, Grace Jones, Zouzou, Little Beaver, Judith Jamison, Russ Tamblyn, Toukie, Radiah and the sex circus of Eighth Avenue. With commentary by the artist.

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