ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

This is your life


(This is your life)
It is your life
This is your life

It is, it is, it is your life
(It is your life)
It is your life
Your life

It is

M Vox

It is about time we all got moving
I mean, screw all the bastards
I know a lot more than the ones that soften everything around you
There’s one behind you
The cause of your depression
The politician smiling at you all the time
Wanting you
I see waiting to smash that window
To wake up
To move something
To be moved, not removed
They’re moving you on
The smiling man doesn’t give a damn about what you are, about the way you move
You, reading all the time, noticing nothing, feeling nothing, agreeing all the time to be removed
From what you are and what you are is too settled
You gotta get kicked
And if you wanna get a kick, get hold of this
Yes, it’s time you got moving
I’m talking to you
Don’t move away
I’m the last person you need to move away from
I know most things and that’s something else
I see the way you’re falling apart
Yes, I’m talking to you
It’s the girl in Watford
It’s the boy in Glasgow
You, who’s just moved away
But you can’t take it on what it’s taking you on
The people who smile and take, all that you’ve got and talk all the same and make you the same
And look at you, don’t be jealous, don’t be calm, it’s time you got moving
What else is there to do
Have you ever really thought of the possibilities of what the smile does to you
There’s happiness and there’s happiness and a place to be and I just know that is where you are, what you are, not where the men with the paper like to place you
He’s smiling, beware
Work hard for this, work hard for that
Be on your own
You’re all that you’ve got
And if you got what it takes then you’ve got what it takes
And I’m looking at you, you crap elitist, you crap stylist
Anyone of you thinking it’s someone else, I’m looking at you, I’m talking to you
Here’s looking at you
Your boredom, your smile
You smile
But have you ever thought of the possibilities
Don’t run away
Don’t mock this move
It’s all you’ve got
The possibilities
’cause if you are what you think, then you’re more than I think
’cause I don’t think much of what I see
I see people falling down
I see people giving up and it makes me sick, ’cause I’m easily upset
There must be more
You must be moved
You take it from me, I never fall down
Your life is this
A bloody big barrel of laughs
Have you ever really thought
And I’m talking to you, and I mean you
We must be mad to be alive
Your life is this
What a thing to be
So where do we go from here