ZANG TUUMB TUM DISCOGRAPHY “…or the imagination”

Own worst enemy

I spent all last night sleeping on street corners
My head’s aching and I’m shaking like I’ve got pneumonia
I’m in debt my last eighth was on tic
I’ve got a problem can’t see past my next fix
I’m eighteen got my head in a guillotine, zero prospects
But that don’t mean a thing
Eight stone three my own worst enemy
I have no woman, and my family disowned me
I’ll make some money before my last curtain
I need it fast to stop my whole body hurting
I take a walk to see what prey I can stalk
I feel sick like I ate a pound of raw pork

Can’t see past my next fix
Can’t see past my next fix

I clock a Benz, brief case, suit and businessman
I see no wallet but a diamond ring on left hand
I grip a stick but my hand’s still trembling
It’s do or die, I’ll take him out with one swing
I lacked strength, I couldn’t knock the fucker out
He kept screaming as the blood entered in his mouth
Then he was still, silence, no body movement
I felt a chill but my feelings were irrelevant
No remorse for the victim, no compromise
I cleaned him quick but the pain just intensified
I reached a ditch, the hole I had quested for
The 12th floor with the steel plated front door

Can’t see past my next fix
I’m my own worst enemy
Can’t see past my next fix
I’m my own worst enemy

I gave my guts to a man who was killing me
A bunch of freaks which in no way respected me
I don’t care brown is my favourite colour
I hit the bathroom so I could recover
Chasing my demon subtraction to my life span
Inhaled a smoke, toke deep as the trail ran
And my eye-lids grew heavy the pain became steady
Emotions exhaled as the tension was buried
In a blanket of darkness my mind became thoughtless
I slouched in the bathtub half way unconscious
Now I am gouched out in the bathroom
I hear a door slam, and then I come to

Boom. Yo, what you think you’re doing you dirty little smackhead
Coming in my gaff tooting your gear
Get out I’m gonna bust you up

I feel a fist crack into my cheek bone
I couldn’t fight ‘cause my mind was too stoned
And then a hand squeezed round my throat tight
I spat blood with a punch to my windpipe
Bruised and beat dragged out on a back street
My mind is buzzed as I stagger to my feet
Co-ordination of my steps is real hard
I can’t walk ‘cause I’m mentally scared
I see a main road I’ve got to cross it
I ain’t worried ‘cause the street lights will stop the traffic
I black out as I reach the white lines
Don’t fucking move now it’s a matter of time
And bam stretched out high speed on a car bonnet
I hit the grit and there’s nothing I can do to stop it
The skin is ripped from my hands as I hit the gravel
I’m thrown fast like a boy thrown from a saddle
I hit the kerb side
Hear breaks stop and women cry
I can’t feel pain, ‘cause I’m chemically high

I’m my own worst enemy
I’m my own worst enemy

Sirens sound a crowd gathers
Lights grow dim, now I live with the shadows