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Title: A week in the life of Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Source: Blue Jeans
Publish date: October 1984

Can you imagine what it’s like to live in the crazy world of Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Now’s your chance to find out as Mark takes us through a typical week with one of the most controversial bands on today’s pop scene!


“We’ve been absolutely stunned by the success we’ve has since our first single was released and became a million seller. Then, what with ‘Two Tribes’ at the top and ‘Relax’ climbing straight up to near the top again, it really shocked us!

“We’re all terrible in getting up in the morning, but with having so much to do, we’ve to force ourselves to get to the rehearsal room by 11 a.m. That means staying there all day and we don’t leave until something like 10 o’clock at night.”


“Definitely no work for any of us today. We like to keep in touch with our families, so Brian and Ped, who I share a flat with, both take a train back to Liverpool to see their folks. I give Paul a ring and we go out for a meal. Then it’s back home to sit down to watch some TV.”


“This is the day we all stay in bed as long as possible. It’s a real day of rest! I’ll probably read the newspapers later, then watch the afternoon film on TV. Then it’s down to the pub to meet up with some friends and have a drink. In the evening we get together and treat ourselves. We’ve a pile of videos of the series ‘The Young ones’ which we’ve haven’t seen. That’s the funniest programme on TV!”


“It’s up early again and along to the rehearsal room and then the studio to try to get a few tracks ready for the album. This album is important to us. We know that everyone is wondering just what it’s going to be like and we’re trying to put together a few surprises. The songs are all going to be quite different. It’s the words that are important for us too. Hopefully, the album is going to get us noticed in a lot more countries.”


“After a hard day in the studio we go to the London club called ‘The Hippodrome’ which is the kind of ‘in’ place to be. It’s a really beautifully decorated place with great music and a relaxing atmosphere. What really does appeal to us about the club is that nobody bothers you there for the simple reason that everybody likes to think they’re somebody! It’s great! You can really relax and do whatever you want.”


“In the studio again. We write and record a song for the Peter Powell show which we’re pleased with. Then we have to travel over to the BBC studios to record for the ‘Top Of The Pops’ programme. There’s a lot of sitting around and talking to people for other groups. This goes on until 1 a.m., so we’re home really late again.”


“Do a photo session and a couple of interviews. We’re still getting used to all this attention. It’s a bit weird because success has come so quickly. In the evening we go to a concert and we all have a really great time!”