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Title: Just the job for Frankie
Author: Sharon Feinstein
Source: Daily Mirror

CHART-TOPPING band Frankie Goes To Hollywood have come a long way from the days when they were on the dole.

Just nine months ago, they were picking up £22 a week each. Today they’re on top of the pop world.


Their smash hit record, Relax, is still riding high in the charts at Number Five, despite being banned by the BBC because of its lyrics about sexual freedom.

And their new single, Two Tribes – a chilling anti-war message – went straight into the Number One slot.

The boys from Liverpool are thrilled by their success, but still have strong sympathies with Britain’s jobless youngsters.

Lead singer Holly Johnson, 23, said: “We’re’ here to uplift the kids who are still standing in the dole queue.”

The band can now laugh at the Beeb’s ban on Relax which has sold 1,300,000 copies in Britain alone.

Holly’s co-singer Paul Rutherford, 24, said: “It’s a classic pop single — and a total embarrassment to the BBC.”